Energy Efficiency

Today, homeowners are spending more money than ever to heat and cool their homes. Many do not get the comfort they pay for or desire – their homes have areas and/or rooms that are too hot or too cold, drafts, ice dams, moisture issues, and mold and mildew problems. Any of these issues can indicate that a home is not as energy efficient as it could be.
If you’re tired of spending too much on home energy costs, Guardian Home Inspection Services can help. Our comprehensive Home Energy Audit can help you reduce your energy bills and create a safer, more comfortable indoor environment.
Your professional Home Energy Audit will include an analysis of the following components using thermal imaging technology, visual inspection, and a blower door test:
  • Building Shell (exterior walls, roof, windows and doors) – to identify points of uncontrolled air leakage, energy loss and water leaks
  • Insulation – to determine areas of energy loss resulting from inadequate or ineffective insulation
  • Heating and Cooling Distribution Systems – to detect any inefficiencies
  • Carbon Monoxide Levels – to ensure the safety of your living environment
  • Lighting and Major Appliances – to identify opportunities for improving energy efficiency.
After the initial evaluation has been completed, we will provide a detailed written report including our findings, recommendations for improvements and methods to increase energy efficiency and potential cost savings. We estimate that on the average home, we can help you reduce your annual energy costs by 10% - 40%.
Call Guardian today to ask about our comprehensive Home Energy Audit, and learn how a little prevention today can result in $ignificant $avings in the future.